About Tommy Bay

About Tommy


I studied architecture, then marketing, taught myself to code, and fell into design. After sharpening my teeth on graphic and web design, I was able to dig into interface and experience design which proved to be an incredible, creative way to solve puzzles and problems that actually benefit others.

My background in small companies and entrepreneurial ventures has given me wonderful opportunities to try many things. I’ve created and run big events, I’ve executed traditional and digital marketing, I’ve done social media, dabbled in HR, front-end development, I’ve done graphic design, web design, interface design, and product design.

I live directly between the Salt Lake Valley and the Utah tech hub of Provo/Lehi with my beautiful wife and three awesome kiddos. I started playing indoor soccer when I turned 30 and have played back-to-back seasons ever since. I like board games and Italian sandwiches. I also invented a foosball spin-off sport called Twosball. We should play sometime.


Broadly, my current focus is on user experience design. Specifically, I'm focused on interface design and development.


We live in a wonderful time; there are so many great avenues for bringing ideas to life. The tools matter less than the outcome, but the outcome frequently depends on teams being able to work together. That's what makes the tools matter.

My latest tools of choice (in a loosely preferential order):

Some tools I'm exploring (maybe I shouldn't put this here since it's constantly changing...)