Email a Missionary

Email a Missionary

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In the LDS Church we frequently have members leave our local congregation to serve full-time missions either serving people throughout the world, or proclaiming the gospel.

As friends, neighbors, and family, we are encouraged to email these missionaries to share our love and support. I wanted to make that process easier.

We have a website for our local area where we post various announcements about activities and other things. It's the perfect place for an 'email a missionary' tool.

Predictive input fields

Predictive Input Fields

I started with standard dropdown fields, but quickly found there was too many choices to cram into them. The usability was clunky. By implementing a simple predictive text input, the user can find what (or who) they want super fast.

Right now, the destination email address is not shown. Some local leaders are looking into any privacy issues that might exist. Any of those details could be added or removed easily from the right of the photo.

Below is the final flow through the process of emailing a missionary.

Find the missionary you want to message
Write a message to the missionary
Send and do it again

GALLERY: The simple process of emailing a missionary


Dropdowns can be tedious for users. Make them as easy to use as possible. Simple is best.